Vinyl Gloves
Vinyl Gloves

Description and Characteristics:

Safety gloves for protecting hands manufactured with PVC resin (vinyl), ambidextrous, anatomical, non-sterile, single-use, with optional bio-absorbable powder.


7212 (S) / 7214 (M) / 7216 (L) – (POWDER FREE)
7028 (S) / 7029 (M) / 7030 (L) – (POWDERED)


PVC Vinyl Poly-(100% virgin vinyl chloride) – (POWDER FREE)
PVC Vinyl Poly-(100% virgin vinyl chloride) – (POWDERED)

Indications and Instructions for Use:

Indicated for use in industrial kitchens, confectioneries, restaurants, beauty clinics, and industrial procedures. Wash and dry hands well before using. Verify the correct size of your hands, and carefully put on the gloves. It is recommended that rings, or other accessories that might perforate the gloves, be removed.

Technical Norms:

Product tested by the IPT (Institute of Technological Research) meant only for Class B (Norm MT-11): Impermeable gloves that are resistant to detergents, soaps, ammonia, and similar products. Product in accordance with the requirements established by NR No. 6 norms from the Ministry of Labor and Employment and MT-11.

Detalhes Técnicos
Technical Details
  • C.A.:37.215 (POWDER FREE)
  • C.A.:27.802 (POWDERED)
  • Fiscal Code:NCM: 3926.20.00
  • Sizes:S / M / L
  • Length:240 mm
  • Color:Transparent
  • Palm thickness:0,05 mm
  • Cartridge (Card Stock):50 pairs
  • Master Box (Cardboard):500 pairs