Tongue Depressor

Description and Characteristics:

Wooden tongue depressor, not sterile, medical use, disposable, and of single use.





Indications and Instructions for Use:

Tongue depressors are used during exams carried out in clinics and hospitals, for diagnosing diseases of the mouth, throat, and surrounding organs, allowing for better visualization of those regions.
Carry out prior asepsis of the hands; remove the tongue depressor from the packaging; carry out the exam; after use, immediately discard in an appropriate place.

Detalhes Técnicos
Technical Details
  • Fiscal Code:NCM: 4421.91.00
  • Anvisa Registration:80605419003 / 80605419004
  • Sizes:14 cm x 1,6 cm (single)
  • Plastic Package:100 UNITS
  • Master Box (Cardboard):5000 UNITS