Nitrile powder-free gloves for non-surgical procedures

Description and Characteristics:

Nitrile powder-free gloves for non-surgical procedures, smooth surface, non-sterile, latex free, ambidextrous and single-use.


2041 (S) – 2042 (M) – 2043 (L)


100% synthetic nitrile rubber.

Indications and Instructions for Use:

Indicated for medical procedures, exams, for preventing cross contamination between users and patients, avoiding possible contamination during procedures. To use the product, carry out a prior asepsis of the hands; Carefully place gloves on dry hands; Carry out procedure; After use, remove gloves and immediately discard in a place meant for potentially hazardous material; Do not re-use or sterilize gloves after their use.


NBR ISO 11193-1, RDC 55/2011.

Detalhes Técnicos
Technical Details
  • C.A.:39.268 (Supplier: Sri Trang) / 39.270 (Supplier: Top Glove)
  • Anvisa Registration:80605410007 (Supplier: Sri Trang) / 80605410006 (Supplier: Top Glove)
  • Fiscal Code:NCM: 4015.19.00
  • Sizes:S / M / L
  • Length:220 mm (S) / 230 mm (M, L)
  • Palm thickness:0,08 mm (minimum)
  • Color:Blue
  • Cartridge (Card Stock):50 pairs
  • Master Box (Cardboard):500 pairs