Mr. Plus Mop 360º Alumínio


360º rotation cleaning mop. Mr. Plus Mop 360º – ALUMINUM BUCKET, has a rotating bucket with absorption concept due to a mop cleaning system that ensures complete cleaning. The 360º system allows reach in all types of corners, not scratching floors and other surfaces and ensuring more efficient cleaning. Suited to different environments such as home, commerce and public places. Cleans different types floors, windows and glass.


  • NCM: 9603.90.00
  • Bucket color: Yellow
  • Bucket usage capacity: 6.5l
  • Handle length: Maximum 118cm / Minimum 92cm
  • Handle diameter: 19 a 22mm
  • Package: Master box (cardboard) containing: 01 aluminum bucket, 01 handle and mop base, 02 microfiber refills, 01 instruction manual.
  • Package measures: Height: 23cm | Width:27.5cm | Length 47cm | CBM: 0.029728m³
  • Storage: Store in a clean and cool dry place, protected from light, humidity and excessive heat.
  • Expiration date: Undetermined.
  • Material: Polypropylene bucket, stainless steel handle and microfiber mop.


  • No need for broom, squeegee, floor cloth and dust pad
  • Fast, efficient and effective cleaning
  • Aluminum bucket
  • Cleans, dries and removes dust with no contact to dirt
  • Available with 02 refills
  • Ideal for compact places
  • Mop with 100% microfiber strings
  • Reaches difficult corners


Product used to general floors, windows, glass and cleaning general surfaces. Also used to dry dust off furniture. Indicated for fast, efficient and effective cleaning to industries, businesses, food and household segments.