Tongue Depressor


Tongue depressors made of reforested wood. Non-sterile, disposable and for medical use. Single use.


  • ANVISA/ Ministry of Health Registration: 80605419004
  • NCM: 4421.91.00
  • Length: 14cm
  • Width: 1.6cm
  • Thickness: 1.6mm
  • Package (plastic): 100 units
  • Master box (cardboard): 5000 units
  • Storage: Store in a clean and cool dry place, protected from light, humidity and excessive heat.
  • Expiration date: Undetermined
  • Material: Wood


  • Resistant
  • No splinters
  • Does not harm the environment when disposed of after use
  • Disposable and sterile
  • No perforating tips


Suited to medical use, exams in clinics and hospitals. Allows good visualization for mouth, throat and surrounding organs. Perform previous hand asepsis, remove the tongue depressor from the package and perform examination. After use, dispose of properly on appropriate place.