We are Talge

Founded in June 2005, Talge is a company that was born with the traditions and experience of a company that already knows the packaging and disposables market.

Talge keeps high standards of quality in the production and trade of its products. With headquarters and a Distribution Center located in Santa Catarina, Talge has served its clients throughout the country for more than 10 years, supplying the most diverse of disposable products, within an operating policy that maintains pillars of quality, transparency in customer and supplier relations, and the practice of competitive prices.

Quality and safety

This is Talge's main goal. Our team is committed to produce and trade the best and safest products for our consumers.
We believe that only quality in what we do may guarantee success. This applies to Talge as well as to our clients.

Get to know Talge's products and the first class service and agility in delivery that only Talge can offer.

Quality Policy

To supply products with a high standard of quality and safety carried out with careful training of suppliers and continual improvement of processes, to promote the training and development of employees, to satisfy clients with the services they receive, and to guarantee company profitability.


To serve clients in the market of disposables and health products in the fastest and most efficient way possible, generating positive results for our organization as well as for our clients. To form solid partnerships in order to guarantee our constant development.


To be recognized and consolidated inside the health product market within 05 years, offering our clients competitively priced products that can help develop their operations in order to generate constant value for our business.


• Excellence in Quality and Safety;
• Ethical conduct and respect, with our partners and employees;

They are the reason for our existence. Our clients' satisfaction is paramount for our guaranteeing the company's development, and therefore service must be carried out efficiently.

They are essential to the company's development and make the difference within our organization. Employees' commitment and motivation will be developed through training and through providing them a healthy work environment.

They are fundamental for our achieving established quality requirements and are an important part in our guaranteeing the satisfaction of our clients.